Navio 2 Setup for Optic Flow Sensor on UART Port

Hi All,

Is there something I need to change in order to get my Matek 3901 LOX sensor to work with Navio 2 on the UART port?

I am assuming I will need to change this in /etc/default/arducopter


I adjusted the arducopter settings on Mission Planner to the suggested ones listed here:


I will try to help. I used a Benewake TF-Mini with a Navio2.

/etc/default/arducopter settings:


Telem1 is wifi UDP to my computer,
Telem2 is Sik radio on USB
Telem3 is Range finder on UART “-F /dev/ttyAMA0”

Serial settings:


-F is serial 5…
Set protocol according to your need (32?)

Benewake Range finder settings:


Thank you for helping me out with this!

I went through and adjusted the arducopter file to match what you have exactly

32 looks to be the correct protocal for the Matek sensor (MSP). I changed them on Serial 5 (and others just in case)


I am going to download the latest version of arducopter and see what happens. I have version 4.0.3 at the moment.

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