Navio 2 second imu

Hi folks

Does anyone know how to configure navio IMU (LSM9DS0) on ardupilot source code?

I would like to use both, but only the MPU is working so far.


Hi Luis,

In is not yet supported in APM, we will add it eventually.

Ok, thanks for the answer.


Is it supported in Plane 3.7.0 ?

Is secondary IMU supported in any of APM versions on Navio2?

No. At the moment the second IMU (accelerometers + gyros) is not supported. But we do have support for the second compass incorporated in the second inertial unit’s die.

Thanks, that confirms what I have recently figured out. When are you planning to start supporting 2nd IMU (gyro + acc). How does Navio2 handle cold weather (say -10 to 0 deg celsius)? I suppose it does not have internal heater (or any thermal compensation)?

We don’t have an ETA on this one.

No, it does not.

All components on Raspberry Pi as well as on Navio 2 are to work in -40ºC …+85ºC range except from the USB-LAN chip on Raspberry Pi. in addition there’s a number of software compensation techniques employed. So everything should work fine in the asked temperature range.

You’re expected to mount your RPi+Navio in a case in case of extreme usages, though. This might also help with temperature variance because Raspberry Pi processor is a rather hot one. So as it gets hot, other components do too. This way eliminating the issue all together.

I hope I cleared up the question a little.

Thanks! You did clear things up :slight_smile: