NAVIO 2 - RPi 3B + DJI Lightbridge

Hi dear @tatiana.andreeva and all members . I have DJI Lightbridge 2 air unit for my Skywalker X8 and also Navio 2 with Raspberry pi 3 module b. However, I can not connect navio2 to Lightbridge 2 air unit. I have to do that in a very short time. In addition to this, we must get to telemeter datas. I managed the installation and running stage of Ardupilot. I really want to get my FCS ready to fly well. Would you help me please?
Thank you <3

DJI products are only compatible with DJI products. The flightcontrollers compatible with Lightbridge 2 are listed on DJIs website and Navio2 is not mentioned there. According to some posts I found, the DBUS output is a PPM signal, that should work with Navio2, but the telemetry transmission is a closed system and will not transmit anything else then DJIs telemetry protocol.


Thanks for your reply.
Is there any way to get telemetry datas with my system? I couldn’t find though. Btw, i can run the mission planner now. I need to find a way to get telemetry datas.

If you want to use the Lightbridge telemetry transmission, I do not see that happening. I guess, you would have to build/code a mavlink to DJI converter and I do not know if DJI published their telemetry protocol. I would bet they did not.
Otherwise, you can use any “open” radio telemetry system you like. 3DR telemetry radios, RFD, WIFI, mobile network, LORA. Just inform yourself about the legal requirements in your country, regarding allowed frequencies, tx power, etc. All options have pros and cons, choose the one that meets your needs the best.

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