Navio 2 Roll over and crash/ Logging error

So there I was flying today. Flight before my crash I got a Bad logging so I turned everything off. Re-inserted that SD card and restarted everything. Did not get the Bad logging message again and took off in poshold. Everything went well and after about 30 seconds of forward flight in Poshold the drone did a right roll and crashed. Exactly the same behavior as about 4 other crashes I had.

Tried to download the logs but no logs recorded so it would appear that the logging problem persisted.

So here Is my conlusion. I have 2 Navio 2’s with 2 different raspberry pi’s and they all crash under the same circumstances as they behave exactly the same when crashing during mid flight. Always a right roll. I can only assume that these crashes are caused by some SD degradation as I started getting badlog messages in the other crashes as well.

I would sum it up by saying that Using a Raspberry pi as the basis for Navio 2 is a novel idea but really not worth the effort as there is no real method of guessing when the SD card is going to get corrupted and it really is too risky to use a Navio 2 in anything other than a ground controlled vehicle unless Emlid can find a way where booting from a usb drive is done without any errors, a system where the running of the OS based off of an SD card is really not cost effective as I spend more time calibrating and fixing crashes caused by a multitude of errors using my navio 2’s

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