Navio 2 rebooting constantly

Any idea why my Navio 2 is doing this

Hi Barry,

I’m not sure I understand what’s shown on this image :sweat_smile:

Could you please be a little more descriptive in what is wrong with your Navio2?

haha sorry it was supposed to be a video but it only took a photo.

This morning when i started the drone the program would constantly reboot. So it will get past the red/blue rapid lights and the boot sequence will start again


Does it work now or this issue still remains?

Hello, did you fix the issue? could you share your actions on this matter? I am facing the same problem so i would like your thoughs about it. Thanks a lot.

So first of all I have a Raspberry pi 3 Plus so the first time that this happened I used a power supply from a 3 and I noticed that it had issues with the voltage.

The second time this happened I just replaced the SD card.

Thanks Barry for the feedback, good to hear you have it working again, i am trying to fix my problem, so far i have done the SD replacement and i tried a new raspberry PI 3 with no success unfortunately. Hopefully i will get a solution soon.

Hi @dsmoura,

The issue you experienced differs from the one discussed in this thread as it’s connected with some features of Navio+. We’re aware of it and working on the solution.

This issue doesn’t appear on Navio2 units. We’ve already accomplished multiple tests and may confirm that.

Currently, you may use the previous firmware version as it works with Navio+ fine. If you have any difficulties with that, please create the separate thread and we’ll help you with troubleshooting.