Navio 2 RCIO_PC10 and PC11 pins?

What is the purpose of RCIO_PC10 and RCIO_PC11 pins on Navio 2. I know these are connected to STM32 but for what?

As for RCIO_SWD_IO and SCIO_SWD_CLK pins I read somewhere these can be used to flash and debug STM32.

For, RCIO_SPI_ I suppose this interface is used for PWM channels to be expanded by STM32?

Being a developer, it becomes very difficult to work with such boards with insufficient information!

Hi Pontus,

Circuit schematic for Navio2 is not available publicly.

Perhaps, you could share more info on what you are developing. Then we’ll be able to give you some suggestions.

The pins used on RPi3 are listed here:

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