EEPROM on Navio2 HAT

There is an EEPROM on Navio2 HAT which connects to pin 27 and 28 of Raspberry Pi 3 board. I read somewhere that this EEPROM is used for auto configuration or Navio 2 board specific ID.

I need more information on Navio2 EEPROM and need to know if PX4 code will work without the EEPROM?

Hi @dangtepau,

Sorry for the delayed response.

EEPROM on HAT has data about the vendor and its default specs. We never tested Navio2 working without EEPROM, so I can’t advise you something specific.

To which pin of Raspberry Pi 3, the PPM/SBus pin of Navio2 is connected?

Hi @pskoog3,

PPM signal goes to STM, placed on Navio2.

There is no direct connection of PPM to Raspberry Pi, only through STM.

From STM to which pin of raspberry Pi 3, for PPM signal?

Hi @pskoog3,

Dmitry has answered your question in the following thread:

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