Navio 2 Power Question

I currently have the power module connected to my Navio2 board which in turn gets power from battery or Power Supply when testing. I don’t always want to use the Noisy power supply and battery dies quickly when debugging code. Is it possible I just power the RPi and Navio2 via RPi micro USB port, and I can still leave the power module connected to the Navio2 board (just power module will not be powered). My concern is possibly back-feeding the power module and damaging it. The Navio power connector is a bit delicate so I don’t want to remove it unless I absolutely have to. Is this ok? The docs state that the supplies can be used all at once (protected by Ideal Dioide), but I am assuming this means when they are all powered. Also I am not powering the servo rail.


At home, use the micro USB port with at least 1A power supply.

On the field you can also use the USB port with a phone brick (1A),

Do not worry, there is no need to unplug the power module.


Is this true if the power module is powered also? I thinking about hot swapping between supplies so RPi does not need to be shutdown.

navio’s power connector, pwm rail line and rpi’s usb port are protected by diodes, current will not be passed out through those connectors (except the receiver connector - first connector (AUX) on servo rail)
so you can leave your power module connected without any issues;