Navio 2 not recieved

Hey there, I have ordered my Navio 2 last December, and on Jan 22. I have recieved the message, that it was shipped to me. Hongkong post tracking tells me that it left Honkong for its destination, Germany, on Jan 27th. But German DHL, which Hong Kong post claims they have given it to did not recieve a item with that tracking number.
I cannot do the online enquiry form, as they ask for information I don’t have.

Can anyone at Emlid try doing so?

Thank you, I realy am quite upset about that, because the raspberry pi I have ordered last Friday has allready arrived, but the Navio did not.

If anyone from Germany has experience with Honkog post shipping, I would be glad to have an eastimate, as their eastimate, the 2. of February allready has passed.

Thank you for helping…

I am waiting for my Navio 2, too. I sometimes received parcels from Hobbyking via HK Post for example, without them ever showing on the DHL website. On other times, DHL did not know the parcel until it arrived in Germany.
It is just standard shipping, so it does not mean the parcels will travel Hongkong > Germany non-stop.
There might be times where the parcel has to wait until a container is full, before it continues its voyage.
Just wait and the parcel will arrive.

Perhaps our parcels travel together :wink:

I also live in Germany and still wait for mine. Within the few years I use excessively ChinaPost/DHL, I noticed apprx. 3-4 % package loss. So the chances are good the package lies just in the tax station :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay thank you. i just wondered if this was unusual or not. So for now I will just wait. I anyone arrives his Navio, could you just post it in here, so I know when to expect it.

I live in Canada, and the expected delivery date mentioned in the email was February 9th, but I received it a week ago.

Your order was shipped via Hongkong Post Int'l Registered Mail, and is estimated to arrive February 9, 2016.

What does your email say?

Mine says February 2.