Navio 2 not connecting via Lanport

Just tried sending data via Lanport from RPI to a a Routerboard Accesspoint Lan port. RPI wifi as disabled. I could connect via UDP but no further data was send to QGC

Technical Question for Emlid.

As stated. I have a Mikrotik Routerboard on my drone. This board has a Lan Port. I see that when I disable the wifi on board the RPI and only connect the Lanport onboard the RPI with the Lanport on the Routerboard that I can connect via Qground control but no mavlink data is sent to Qgroundtcontrol. So question

If i connect the lanport and keep the wifi on will mavlink and data be send via both lanport as well as Wifi

You need to provide more details about your configuration. If you change your network setup, you will most likely have to change your Ardupilot telemetry options as well.

OK So the Raspberry pi connects via WIFI to the network card onboard the drone which is setup as an Access Point.

I want to make use of the lanports on both the the RPI and the Wifi Card.

No changes were made to the networking setup of /systemctil/arducopter

So you are connecting the RPi to an onboard router via wifi and your GCS to the same router via wifi and it is working. If you connect the RPi to a lan port of the onboard router and your GCS to the routers wifi, it is not working. Have you checked the config of your router? Are the lan ports and wifi on the same subnet? Are they bridged? Does the RPi get a valid IP address?

Yes. Everything is setup correctly. When connecting the lanport of the rpi to the wifi the lanport is assigned the correct IP adress

How can you be sure that everything is setup correctly, if it is not working?
And how do you connect the lanport to the wifi?

I connect the lan port of the Raspberry Pi to the lanport of the wifi card and then turn off the Pi Wifi

Hi Barry,

Have you resolved the issue?

I do not know whast the issue is. That is why are sent the file logs and made the post. I am busy rebuilding and will fly again this weekend weather permitting. If it is a power issue I am going to power the servi rails only. I did that on a previous build and did not have any porblems.

I have to also say that I did a Auto tune 2 weeks ago and after that I had this accident. I will re write the image and see if this helps.


You’ve recently asked about connecting RPi via Lanport, so I am wondering whether you managed to make this integration :slight_smile:

In regards to a drone crash issue, we are discussing it in another topic.


Hello Tatiana.

Nope I have not been able to send telemetry over the rpi lanport. As I said. It connects to the ground station but not telemetry is passed on.


Could you please send us your /etc/default/arducopter file?

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