NAvio+2 NO GPS

Hello Group, New user looking for some help.
I am currently in the process of building a 330mm security quad copter. This will be used to monitor any event with video surveillance only.
I have configured Navio+2 with rasberry pi3, what I am looking to do is to have a fast start up rather than searching for gps lock.
I have read several items about not using a gps but I dont understand the info completely.
My first question is:

Can I use Navio+2 with a compass only and no GPS?

Can you point me to directions for running Navio+2 without GPS?

Any help will be great,y appreciated.
Thank you

I believe you can just disable GPS lock pre-arm check, and can manually.

Thank you.
By doing this, is there gps completely disabled? I initially wanted to use the compass but due to the limited space I was hoping I could eliminate the gps completely?

In Navio 2 compass (and second compass) are on Flight Controller, not on GPS antenna - thus the analogue antenna connector.

So I believe you will still have compass telemetry.

Thank you

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