Navio 2 issues with auto tune?

I’m curious if anyone else has been having any issues with Auto Tune since the 3.4-rc1 release? I used to be able to tune roll, pitch & yaw on a single battery, now I have to tune each one at a time because tuning is taking way too long. Also, auto tune for yaw seems really odd; with roll and pitch I can see the copter dramatically twitch, where as with yaw tuning there is barely noticeable movement.

After completing tuning the copter feels sloppier than prior to tuning with default PIDs. I’ve reset the system variables to defaults a couple of times now, so as to tune from defaults, but I keep getting the same results. Prior to 3.4-rc1 I was flying great and the copter was well tuned and quite snappy, but since the update the copter flies like it’s drunk :frowning: