Navio 2 in a RPI cluster

I was wondering of any body has tried or indeed if it is even possible to use the Navio2 in a RPi2 cluster configuration of lets say 2 Pi3’s?

You mean one Navio2 with two RPi3? What exactly would you want to achieve with that?

More calculating power. So you build a small super PI computer of lets say 2 and then share the processing between the 2 PI’s. Why well because we can :-).

Clusters are a “little bit” more complicated than this:)
But you can simply attach second Raspberry Pi to the first one using ethernet cable and run some tasks there.

You see i was thinking of redundancy as well. You could have 2 Navios on 2 RPI’s as a fail over solution

Definitely like the way you are thinking @Barry_Bolton!!! What type of failover cluster are you contemplating, as is which cluster software and architecture? A simple failover cluster will require heartbeat to check is_alive.

Redundancy is an issue, and there is GREAT opportunity to begin reducing ALL the single points of failure present in these low cost platforms.

Hello Tim.

To be honest I know absolutely nothing about setting up Raspberry PI’s in a cluster but I am researching this. I am still exploring if I should start learning coding with Python or Java Script.

But I am researching this possibility and thought that it would be a great idea like you said. Especially in this age where drones are becoming regulated. I think the need for double and or triple redundency in especially professional drones is a must