Navio 2 Hunting and unstable after 2nd Autotune

log_10_2019-6-25-19-53-14.bin (650.6 KB)

Hello everyone.

So today I did a second Autotune after one I did yesterday. The wind was a lot calmer than yesterday so decided to do another one. I only selected roll.

I landed and the Autotune was saved successfully. However when rebooting and taking off I noticed that the Navio 2 started to “hunt” in loiter mode and would not stay in one place but would circle around the position where the Loiter was invoked. I switched to Althold mode and noted that the drone was very unstable and could not hover with throttle in mid position but was also moving up and down with no input from me.

I have attached the log of that flight

Hi Barry,

I looked into your logs. It seems this happens as you accidentally switched flight mode to Stabilize, not to AltHold:

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