Navio 2 for octocopter

Hi guys
I’m starter and I have some questions
Can I use navio 2 to make an octocopter?

sure you can!

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Thanks panky
I have two more questions can you answer me ?
Pixhawk and navio 2
Which one is better?
Can I use 3g or edge instead of LTE?

Hey @Mohammad_Ardestani,

This post may clarify a lot about Navio and Pixhawk

How are you going to use modem? For video streaming LTE is preferable.

So I know navio is the best autopilot
Now I want use the computer instead of radio control, and LTE use battery more than 3G and 3G use battery more than edge, I want to know can I control the drone by using edge or 3G ?

Another question is can I detect barriers with navio 2 or I should to use another board? If I can use navio, which sensors I have to use?

I think you should use at least 3G even for telemetry. Edge tends to be extremely slow.


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Thanks bro

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