Navio 2 for FPV

There are not many serious FPV folks using Navio 2 for FPV. It seems to me that all the pieces are there. Can someone with more knowledge than I know if what I propose for my new Navio 2 is possible.

  1. Use a Pi2 Cam as an FPV camera
  2. Use RP3 for OSD (seen a RP 3 do this)
  3. Control a GoPro Session/Hero 4 via WiFi (or even a Runcam). I have done this with Arduino on the bench so it must be possible with a RP3. I know starting and stopping recording can likely be done but I want to stream the video as well. Latancy is not really an issue as the is an FPV plane and not a racing copter.
  4. Do camera switching between GoPro and Pi cam with RC channel.
  5. Use conventional 1.3 Ghz analog for video transmission.
  6. Dragonlink V3 for RC and Telem on 433. (I know I do not even need to list this, but I am doing it for completion)

This would be a classic FPV setup but with far less clutter and wires. Can anyone with more knowledge let me know if this is unrealistic. I am guessing item 3 may be a stretch. I know Wifi Broadcast is possible but I am not sure it really will suffice for long range.



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