Navio 2 ESC calibration Fail

I am currently having issues with calibrating the ESC’s and I believe this is why I am having trouble with the motors starting at the same time. Once all the motor are on the drone seems to be responding well to the input commands.

The motors I am using are prop drive 28 1200kv motors ( The ESC’s I am using are ( I am also using a raspberry pi 3 B+. the receiver and transmitter I am using is Flysky FS-i6 6CH 2.4GHz AFHDS RC Transmitter w/FS-iA6B Receiver for RC Multirotor Helicopter Airplane Glider Quadcopter (Model_2) (

Bellow, I have attached a video link to a YouTube video that shows me trying to calibrate the ESC’s but the NAVIO2 never enters ESC calibration mode. I am able to set up and calibrate the accelerometers, level, compass, and radio, but not the ESC’s.

Hi @r.vazquez453,

May I ask you to complete ESCs’ calibration using only the transmitter? Please, follow this guide to accomplish it.

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Manual set up seem to work.

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