Navio 2 errors: Compass calibration + Ground speed + high temp rp3

Hello. I bought a navio 2 and I have differents errors while I try to set up.

  • Compass offsets are so high (both sensors) and I have yellow and red offsets (compas 1 and 2)
  • Ground speed in mission planner never is zero (flight controller not moving). Add a logground_speed.log (20.0 KB)
    Flight controller is not in movement and all sensor are changing (add picture).
  • Since a few hours, the temperature of raspberry is very high (100-110ºC) I dont know if it is normal.

Thanks a lot.

Hello Andres,

The temperature is not normal, could you please check if your RPi is not defective? You can do it by swapping it for another one, you can also try to remove Navio2 and see if overheating persists. Please also provide a picture of your setup.

Hello Igor,

Thanks for your answer,

I remove raspberry from Navio 2 and temperature was high. I change for a new RP3 and its cold.
But I have the same problem with compass calibration in Mission planner. Offsets values of second compass are too high (>500).
With GPS HDOP 100 with 0 sat.
I launch u-center, connect and I have more than 10 sats and HDOP 1.1-1.5. Close the session and restart apm. If I do this, I have sats on mission planner, but I have a lot of errors with compas: Bad compass health, inconsistent compasses…
I think something is wrong in compass…


Inconsistent compasses means incorrect orientation of the compass. Please make sure that you are using our latest image and latest arducopter. You do not need to set orientation for the internal compasses in latest versions at all.

Also, please make sure that you are calibrating as shown here:

Hello Igor,

Im using the latest image and latest arducopter without set orientation for compasses.
I follow all steps about compass configuration in Navio2 docs but problem persist.
Compass 2 offset values are higher than 500.
I try set primary compass 1 , compass 2 and use only one (not work).

If I dont need to set orientation for compass, why show inconsistent compasses? How can resolve?

And what about GPS HDOP ?
Maybe updating firmware 2.01 to 3.01 and loading this settings?

Would appreciate for reply. Cheers, Andres

Did you perform the onboards mag calibration from the docs?

Please try to make a clean install and see if the problem persists.

Hello Igor,

I follow all steps from docs and I make a clean installation but I have some questions.
If Im not in movement, why drone is like flying?
Compass values on compass 2 are high after reinstalling (not solved).

Thanks a lot.

Your compass offsets are normal. Your satcount is 5, which means that only 5 sats are being tracked. Are you inside a building? Please test in an open area.