Navio 2 - ArduCopter-3.4-rc3 is available for beta testing

So since we never seemed to get a response to anybody testing rc2, let alone official support from Emlid, here’s another chance to ignore another beta release: ArduCopter-3.4-rc3 is available for beta testing

Would it be safe to assume that Emlid is awaiting the final release?

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J Rogers

We haven’t been able to fly test it yet. That’s why we haven’t released a deb package. I suppose the package will be updated on Monday. Until then, it’s possible to download the binary from the buildserver.

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@george.staroselskiy Right on! I was just curious since I hadn’t seen any responses to previous posts in regards to rc2, and from what I’ve read so far there seems to be quite a few new improvements in regards to rc1 vs rc3.

Also, the documentation still references rc1. To be honest I haven’t had the time as of late to power up and update the navio 2/rpi3 build, so for all I know rc2 has been available and that the documentation was just never updated :slight_smile:

But I’ve recently picked up some new motors and props just for this build, so I’m trying to get some research done in advance :wink:

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J Rogers

Sorry for the confusion! I guess I got a little overwhelmed at the time and didn’t get to update the package. It flew alright, though.

Always a right thing to do :slight_smile: