Navio 2 and sunfounder car kit

Just bought the navio 2 + raspberry pi 3 , and I already have sunfounder video car kit
car kit

in what way I can connect the car kit controllers to navio 2?


You may try to use UART port on Navio2 to connect the kit. Please refer to the docs to see how you can connect the controllers:

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Can you elaborated more please? I didnt find any info related to UART in the sunfounder documentation

There are spare GPIO pins on Navio2 UART port, you can use them to connect the kit to RPi.

actually sunfounder hat sit on all the gpio of the rpi, and navio also should be attached on the same place and way, so how should I connect them both? or can I throw the sunfounder hat away, and use navio instead?

Hey there,

You can try to change your HAT board to Navio2. Here you can find motor setup, it should be the same for Navio2.

However, I am not sure that you can use your kit without placing it on top of RPi. It seems it requires more than just a few spare GPIO.

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