Navio 2 and Banana Pro - what's wrong?

I drop down the Raspberry - i need more disk performance for my project, but they didn’t do anything even in pi 3.
So, now i try to use Navio 2 with some alternative boards… it’s not working.

I check with Banana Pro, witch have the same 40-pins connector with the near-same pin map, as pi2, but Navio 2 is not even initialize correctly.
Dear emlid guys, could you please help me - what’s wrong with it? Some pin mismatch? Some raw incompatibility?
Or i need to stop this and going to other ubox-based boards, which are working with Banana?

That’s what is wrong. All Raspberry Pi clones never have a proper compatibility, which in fact is possible if they put a little bit more thought into it during the embedded design stage. There’s always something lacking - some peripheral controller, a gpio, etc.

Also, most of these clone boards usually based on chinese processors that are designed with only one goal in mind - to be used in Android phones and media boxes. They don’t care about Linux and usually provide only basic ports with most components not working or/and fully bugged until open-source enthusiasts reverse-engineer them and write proper drivers.

Sad, but true.
But, i think they win this race as well - Raspberry still stuck at outdated technologies, like USB2.

The question is still remains - i can map pins using pin cable, but need to know what N2 really used.

PS: Now we are make interesting experiment - how to replace u-blox chip at N2 to m8t. I will share the results.
PPS: Можно по-русски, хотя я и не в СНГ живу.

I doubt clones have a chance, Raspberry Pi is just so far ahead in popularity, software and support.

Do you want to run APM on it or just want the U-blox data? First is not possible, but second is with a couple of code changes.

Let’s see about the future, but i don’t so optimistic about Pi here. They stuck, at my point of view.

Ok, We are need two things - RAW u-blox data for kinematic and IMU data or close-quarter.
This works nice for Pi 1/2 and Navio 1 board, but now we are forced to change system completely.
We are check some N2 boards - still can work with IMU, but RAW is not available - that’s why i mention M8T as a chip replacement.
However, Pi now is not enough for us now die to poor SD/USB drive performance.

I check Banana pinout - it’s quite close to Pi B+/2 - so just can’t configure out what the difference - and is it possible to solve it. Now i have only red blink/green light - but no out in SPI ports.

Sorry, we are not usual kind of the clients, we are using you boards as a all-in-one solution for sub-decimeter location & some other nice real-time tricks. I keep in mind maybe it’s not you market, but it’s pity to see you lost possibilities here.

Sorry, I’m not able to provide support for Banana Pro. I never worked with this board so don’t know what’s going on with it.

I’d recommend to check that SPI driver is working (loopback test) and SPI bus numbering and chip selects are correct.

For RAW&IMU we are working on Reach.

I don’t need support for any fruit.
We are return to the question above - i just want to know what GPIO pins you are use in N2. I’ll do the rest.

Yes, SPI is working, we are try other SPI boards as well, but need IMU - and don’t want 2-boards sandwich.

We are have Reach and try it, but it’s don’t suitable for us - we are don’t need real-time kinematic, in fact, but need to control it at local host real-time, it’s other way.

Ok, i hear you answer. Wish you good luck.

We’ll upload the pin connections shortly.

UPD: Here’s the pinout: