Navio(1) compatibility with Pi 3b and myRio

I’m new with Navio and I have 2 questions.
Me with my group are creating a student project. We can use a Navio, but it probably isn’t Navio+ or 2 because on the board the name is only “Navio”. It has 26 pins, not 40. It’s not mine, so I don’t want to damage it. Is it compatible with Pi 3B? I guess yes but I would like to ask someone who knows it better.

My second question is it any possibility to connect Navio to myRio without the Pi? We don’t need autopilot but we want to have output from sensors only.

Thanks for your help.

The pinout of the first 26 GPIO pins is the same for all Raspberry Pis. So the original Navio should fit in that regard. The other features have changed a lot between the RPi 1 and the RPi 1B, so the Navio might not fit mechanically. If you do not need an autopilot, any OS available for the RPi should be able to access the sensors.
I never tried it, but it should also be possible to access the sensors of the Navio with a MCU like an arduino. I can not say if it works with the myRIO, though.
Good luck with your project!

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