Navigation files gets lost when converting from RINEX 2 to RINEX 3 (Emlid Studio)


I’ve been using Emlid Studio for a while now, what a great sofware!
But I have one question. When using the CONVERT to Rinex featue, when converting Rinex 3 to Rinex 2, I will only get the .obs file, but no navigation files?
This happens for example with Leica GS16 Rinex 3 data.

When converting Emlid RS2 UBX-file to rinex 2.10, it also gives the navigation files.

We have some older software that accepts only Rinex 2, that’s why the conversion.
It will be updated near future, but until that, solution / help for this would be great!

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Hi Heikki,

What a great feedback! :relaxed:

We indeed haven’t tested conversion between RINEX version with 3rd-party logs: we simply don’t have them. But probably we can check what happens if you share them. Can’t promise anything for sure, but I’ll give it a try!

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Great, here’s a short section of GS16 rinex 3.04 data as an attachment. (1.0 MB)

And just noticed I messed up the topic title: it should “from RINEX 3 to RINEX 2” :smiley:


Give me some time, I’ll check the file and write you back!

Hi Heikki,

Indeed, it works not as I expected it to work. It generates navigation files, but they are empty. Also, I discovered there is the same result if I convert Reach logs from RINEX3 to RINEX2.

We’ll fix it! Thanks for noticing.


Yes, I have got only empty files also. Now I remember that I actually had the same problem earlier with RTKLib with Rinex 3 —> Rinex 2 conversion, but I thought I just messed up with the options and parameters, as there was so many of them.

But great if you can make this work, thank you very much!

As I remember, RTKLib wasn’t able to convert RINEX to RINEX at all. But I have been working with Emlid Studio since it was released, so I may confuse things.


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