Naming in .csv export

Dear conmunity,
I have an issue with exporting points into the format .csv.
I want export the coordinates with the right naming of the points but I see that the naming of the points will not be exported - only with a progressive numbers like 1,2,3 ,4 and so on. But that is of course wrong, I need the right naming.
Do you have an idea?

Hi Alexander,

To make sure, don’t you export points via CSV (PENZD) format? If so, that’s the expected behavior: this format always renames points in ascending order starting from 1.

If you export points in regular CSV, it shouldn’t work this way. I couldn’t reproduce this issue in Emlid Flow 8.5. If the app isn’t updated, please try to update to 8.5 and check how it works for you.

Also, have you tried to export points from Emlid Flow 360? Does it work the same way as in Emlid Flow?

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Great, works!