My Stinger X210 Racer Drone Build

Stinger X210 is an OPENSOURCE Racer frame that’s so cute. Main body part is 3D printed canopy! If made of ABS or PETG it’s really strong (you can probably stand on it) and you can get a nice finish (more about finish in my tutorial below). It holds FPV camera nicely in place with easy adjustable tilt angle. In the back you have vtx connector mounting hole and good intake/exhaust holes for ventilation. On the sides there are holes for cables and main battery strap.

I used for building next equipment, which proven to be good choice:

Tattu 2305 2450KV Brushless Quadcopter Motors,
F4 Micro controller with OSD and BEC (20x20mm),
Swift 2 camera,
25/200/600mW 5.8ghz videolink,
Tattu 4s 1550 95C lipo battery
This selection is quite cheap and turned out to be really good! It flies on rails, power on demand, all acro stuff! No BEC needed, no modifications, less than 2h build time. You also have OSD for voltage and RSSI and maybe some other things if needed.

We start the build with ESC and quad motor soldering. If you want to make it real good, with low resistance and good solder joint, than you shorten the motor wires than split the wire end and solder on both top and bottom of the ESCs.

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