My reach rs+ do not charge

Hi guys! I am new here, im having problems with my rs+, it went off and i did not notice , and now i tried with almost every charger at home and nothing works. when is connected the light indicates like its battery is low and never charge.

charger especification: 5v-2A

Hi, does the orange light flash?
Are you using the original Pisen cable? It should not matter but some cables are just bad at charinging and Pisen works for sure if its not broken.

Hi Marysleivy,

How long did you put your Reach RS+ on charging? It’s better to leave it for 9 hours.

​Does the unit react on charging now? When you press the power button, is there any LED reaction?

Hi Marysleivy,

Thanks, I received your reply sent to our email. Let’s continue our communication there to avoid confusion.