My reach rs 2 not functioning properly

Recently my reach rs 2 is not functioning properly. After i start it doesn’t show any satellite or any signal for long period of time. After i enter base data manually and start rtk survey both reach base and rover gets connected but doesn’t show any signal of any kind and i was not able to start my project.

It was placed in open and there was no solution. I was doing RTK and device was connected but was showing this.

UPD from Julia. I removed the full system report from the receiver from the public access.

Are your receivers paired in the bluetooth settings of your phone?

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Hi @bibhusan111,

Did something specific happen before the issue started? Do you see the same behavior when connecting to the devices using Bluetooth Beta? Have you tried it with a different mobile device?

To get a full picture of the issue, we will need to check the logs from the device. So please follow these steps:

  1. Place the base and the rover outdoors with no obstacles nearby.
  2. Record 10-15 minute raw data log in UBX format with Raw data debug option enabled and position log in LLH format.
  3. Generate new full system reports from both units right after the logs recording and send all the data to me at

P.S. I removed the full system report you shared from the comment above. The report contains sensitive info, so it’s better to keep it private.

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It was not connected by bluetooth, base and rover was connected by ntrip.

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Hey there,

Overall, pairing via Bluetooth with the mobile device shouldn’t affect the receiver’s behavior in the Emlid Flow app.

@bibhusan111, did you have a chance to record the logs I mentioned above? Do you need any help on that?

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