My Reach M2 with Uhf external radio 25w

Got Fixed non line sight at 8km, i forget to screen shot.


Yes, that’s a great idea for the height of the Lora antenna but a bad place for the base receiver with the structures(s) and tree(s) blocking the sky view of the base. The M2 requires an unobstructed view of the sky for a good base station.

I’ve used the M2 many times as a base and rover. I’ve found that multipath is not good for the base or rover. You may have achieved a “fixed” solution at the rover but I wouldn’t trust the “fixed” solution accuracy at all in your serup.


Hehe yes sir. i just did it for a range test, It would give much result if base place in open area. I used 2w uhf for rover and 25w for base, thus radios are GSFK modulation.