My Reach doesn't work

Hi, i have a reach kit but it doesn’t work, i follow the quickstart but without results. The led of base is: white, blue, purple, green while the led of rover is: white, blue, blue, green. i create an hotspot with my smartphone: MEIZU M2 NOTE. i don’t know where i wrong.
please help me!

hello Danielle,

The ReachView app does not (yet) display satellite’s statuses for Base station
So it’s actually normal to have a “blank” graph while connected to a base station.

Can you switch the device to Rover mode, you should then seen “graph” infos.



ok, I have now set the two modules in the “rover” mode and work, but if imposed on one of the two receive corrections from the other one that should receive them no longer works. but I need to work together to get a fix rtk; right? may be because the former is set to: rech_single_default.conf and positioning mode is: single; while the receiving is set: reach_kinematic_default.conf and positioning mode is: kinematic?

excuse me if I’m doing stupid questions but I’m new to this world.


Although base mode does not display satellite levels, it still does work. You need to connect the one configured as kinematic rover to the base by entering the correct IP address.

ok, thank you for your advice, now my reach works, but i have some problems with the post processing.
I had downloaded the file from log tab but it isn’t in “.obs” for the rover and isn’t in “16o” or other for the base like tutorial for RTK POST… when i download file are in “.log”… but i can plugged it in the NAV… i plugged in the others boxes RINEX of the city and the ephemeresis…

If you are getting .log files, then you have an old version of ReachView. You should update your ReachView to the latest version.

If you still want to use the .log files you have, then use RTKCONV.exe to convert them to RINEX. Make sure you specify the file type as u-blox or RTCM3, as auto does not work for .log files.

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You actually still need to convert the raw logs into RINEX before post-processing. Newer versions of the app do it automatically. If you have deleted them from Reach, you can convert them with RTKLIB’s RTKCONV. Or you can put them back on Reach and re-download the converted versions.