My quad goes backward on a forward command

I am close to my Maiden flight but I have some doubt about the best way to troubleshoot my channel 2 command
When I activate the Channel as for my quad to go forward it goes backward, and vice versa.

I can solve this issue by reverting the channel 2 value from my RC, but I have some doubt my APM will just do the same mistake when sending the command to go in a specific direction.
The “Motor test” performed in Mission Planner activate the right engines 1 to 4 in a clockwise rotation starting from the forward right motor.
I check the rotations are ok with the one described in Arducopter documentation as well as the blades CW or CCW depending on the motor it is mounted on.

I also checked the “normal” behavior of channel 2 during radio calibration…

What other check can I do? Is there a risk to go in flight by simply reverting my channel 2 in my FlySky FS-I6 RC parameters?

Thanks for the advice

Hey Guillaume,

If I understand you correctly then all you should need to do is either reverse the channel on your transmitter or change the parameter in mission planner. I had the same issue, pushing the stick forward caused the quad to travel in the reverse direction. I opted to change the parameter in mission planner, but after doing a bit more research it seems the preferred method is to change the direction from the transmitter. After doing that you should be good to go.


Thanks for the reply, I have made my Maiden flight and the commands worked perfect! :slight_smile:Thanks for the advice.

I get nevertheless an issue with Alt_hold or Loiter due to the fact I get bad ahrs values and “compass variance” issues. As read on this forum I will try putting some Fabrik on the barometer to hopefully solve the issue
Is this a common problem?

By the way congratulations to the EMLID team : I just flew their knew disk image ! :slight_smile:


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