My Project and Telemetry Help


my quad is “almost there”, but I still having problems with telemetry using 3g

Everything works fine, when I use the ip address (number) :
eg. sudo ArduCopter-quad -A udp:

But when I use a DNS name (I’m using No-ip in the Ground station) :
eg. sudo ArduCopter-quad -A

I receive a message, “Permission Denied”, looks like the message is local, because is realy fast.

I can ping in the DNS name without problems, but still receiving this message

Please any idea???

By the way attached my little quad with Tmotors 2814 770kv and custom made frame in carbon fiber 3k. Really strong…… and about 15 minutes flytime…. and look the shock absorvers…very nice

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Hi Robert,

Very nice design! can you share more detailed pictures?

Currently, APM does not support parsing of anything except for IP address as the argument. We are working on a fix and it should not take long.

Temporarily solution would be to use socat.

Thanks a lot for your help, please can you give more information about how to use socat ? sorry everything is new and I’m not very good with Linux.

Yes the frame is really good, attached more pictures, Designed to be very very Light and Strong.

I have 4 Pegasus (this frame), two with pixhawk and one with APM, and this one with Navio.


I think that this post by @Bernt_Christian_Egel could help

ok Thanks.


Robert, is your own frame design?
It looks great, so it will be very nice if you can share it with us.



Hello Robert!

I think something like this would do:

socat -v udp4-l:50000
sudo ArduCopter-quad -A

-v stands for “verbose”. If something’s wrong this switch can help. If everything’s fine, you can get rid of it!

socat is a pretty versatile beast. There’re just too many things one can do using this tool. The man page could really be of help. These are usually well written.

Good luck!

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yes, we did (me and a friend) two years ago, I will check where is the artcam project, I really don’t remember.


Thanks a lot, now is clear.

But I don’t know Linux very well. Then I did in a different way with too lines.
Create um .sh file with this content

ping –c 1 > saída.txt
export IP=‘grep PING saída.txt | cut -d"(" -f2 | cut -d")" -f1’

and then start de code:
sudo ArduCopter-quad -a udp:$IP:14550

I did like this, because with another very simple script in crontab I can check the 3g health, kill the process and restart if necessary , I know ping is a little bit “ugly” , not rocket science solution but works perfect, because if I can’t ping everything is wrong.

and for the future , with a simple ping I can test the connection latency to start or not the vídeo streeming for exemple.

And thanks again.

My “Navio+ One” is ready for the weekend tests… :smile:

  1. Telemetry over 4g/LTE – (Perfect) – Modem Huawei E3276 3G/4G)

(using - ppp - usb-modeswitch wvdial) looks better than sakis3g
and a script to monitoring the connection performance and restart in crontab

  1. Video Streaming over 4g/LTE – (Perfect, only start if the link quality is good)
    (Using UV4L)

only 3% of CPU and very good quality, very easy to install (raspberry Side), and for windows, linux or any other devices, because you can see the FPV images using a regular Internet Browser (Eg. Chrome)

  • WebRTC not installed because uses a lot of CPU.
  1. Joystick (only to test) over 3g/4g.

  2. Quadcopter side – “No-ip” client for DNS, because I can access from anyware , as well in field without monitor and keyboard attached using putty , or from my mobile phone using vSSH Lite or Serverauditor (for Iphone)

  3. APM customized “start” depending on 3G connection and Video Streaming activation

IF no 3g, start with Telemetry over Rf (regular Radio), otherwise use 3G

IF the connection is good starts video streaming , otherwise no, and if during the flight the connection lost quality, stop the video streaming.

  1. Ground station with Mission Planner and No-IP (DNS) for

Broadcast, Modem Huawei E3276 (3G/4G)

A very short video only testing “flight” last week.

Navio Shor Video

And a photo with the new acrylic covers “Navio+ One”

and my ground Station HW



Very cool design!

Looking forward to the test results :smiley:

Edit: what gimbal are you using?

For this Project no guimbal yet,
I´m following steep by steep, 

a) Test the quad (last weekend) at least 4 batteries , more than 70 minutes (air) with no problems

Tested althod, Pos Hold, Land , RTL, etc…. (DONE)

b) Then additional features (this weekend), (4g, Telemetry, Fpv streaming, No-ip)

c) And then Guimbal and other features, like my other Projects.

for me only a hobby, unhurried

And I recommend do like this… ever

Last Sunday everything tested.
I will do a quick review with important points.

Only one change from original Hardware project :
Logitech c920 Camera instead Raspicam (too noise)
And Software:
UV4L removed, I’m using gStreamer again.
Software - APM 3.3 rc-10

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How much does that frame weigh? I really like the way it looks!

sorry , I have no idea.

flight time around 15 minuts.

I am looking to build my first drone. Do you have a list of the parts used in this build?

Sorry about delay.

motors - T-motor 2814-10 kv770
Propeller - 12-4x5 Rctimer
ESC - Opto Rctimer 40

this frame looks pretty cool. and then, I also would like to try this frame in the air. so, where can i get it?

Really Sorry, I made only three… for me. not comercial

but this new one (link below), use the same motors and fly more than 25 minutes, you can buy one similar frame, and copy the parts.

2 batteries 4s, 6500mah. Realy Good, almost perfect, with Wind too.


that is a amazing project, GOD bless you, but I have question what did you use to connect navio to battery ??