My latest build!

Tell me what you think guys!


Amazing.! We will be happy to see flight videos!
Could you please share some more details? Any specific components? How are you going to use it?

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Flight videos will be delayed for showing as right now I’m catching trouble trying to stream video via gstreamer over 4g. I need a tcp configuration for the stream if anyone has details on it because udp has a terrible packet loss. Right now it’s connected via wifi. I use 4g Verizon in the USA and a 4g modem on the ground for the pc groundstation. It has the Navio2 with RPI3 and picam v2. Custom built frame that I designed and ran through a CNC. Battery is a 6s 8000mah and custom pdb that will supply power to the esc’s and step down for the navio. Flight time is approx. 30-45 mins. It will be used in the Southern U.S. for agricultural purposes i.e. crop scouting for water management and pests.