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My first autonomous drone project

(Roishachar) #1

Hey I’m willing to start now my first autonomous drone project with navio 2,
so first I would like to share the components setup (some of them already ordered) and get some comments and tips :

  1. navio 2

  2. esc - DALRC 40A behilu 32

  3. S500 - frame

  4. emax motor 2212 2213

  5. rpi 3

  6. 5s 5000mah battey

  7. rpi camera v2 for now. (may be replaced later)

software : opencv / tensorflow

(Marc Lebret) #2


No use for this quadcopter? There is no camera or other payload in your list?

Frame is heavy, battery is heavy, motors and propellers are not adjusted to the battery (KV 935 versus 5S battery) KV 450 would be expected or 3S battery.

For the props you can go to 12" with that frame, search motors with KV450 and good efficiency with 12" propellers at 40 to 50 % power.


(Roishachar) #3

I edited the post - for now I have rpi camera module v2.

and for the motors I considered this table I fount on an article:

seems like my motor match the frame size

(Marc Lebret) #4

Fine. Take care of shielding camera and ribbon cable. There is a lot of RF noise and M8N GPS doesn’t like it.


(Roishachar) #5

thanks Marc, is this table above accurate ? or should I use another source?

(Marc Lebret) #6

By “experience”, it may fit, but it is not the best choice. With 5S you have too much voltage available ( high RPM ) not suitable for usage (endurance versus speed).

Have a look there: https://www.ecalc.ch/xcoptercalc.php


(Roishachar) #7

Ok, if I stick with the motor props and frame I wrote what battery you recommend also brands if you tested?

(Marc Lebret) #8

Look for a 3S - 3A to 4A battery.


(Николай Л) #9


I think my project will help you to control your drone over internet (4g). I’m still working on it and it’s in beta testing now. Here is a front page: GCS.uno and Docs.
It is tested with Navio 2 + Raspberry Pi 3 + Raspicam.

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