Must be able to configure NMEA output?

For the Reach RS, is the really no way to configure which NMEA sequences are output on the serial and in what order? This is a pretty basic feature of every other GPS unit, and critical for interfacing with other equipment.

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We feel like it would add unnecessary complexity. If you could motivate the need for this, we will consider adding these configurations to our roadmap.

I have some geophysical equipment that expects a package of just certain strings over the serial connection. The order actually isn’t important (I can configure that on the instrument).

More generally, why would I want to log a bunch of strings that I don’t need?

On most GPS units you can set the NMEA messages that are sent out over a port. I would suggest a table of the available NMEA messages with checkboxes for those that the user wants to send over the serial connection. This should be fairly simple.

thanks for following up.

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Doesn’t it just ignore the other messages?

I understand that this would usually be the case, but not in this instance. If it were, I won’t have made the request. Configuring the messages is a common feature on all other units that I’ve owned through the years. The Reach RS is a great product, and I hope you’ll consider adding this to give users maximum flexibility. thanks

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Sending unnecessary data is … um … not necessary. So I agree with you in that aspect. Although, maybe this feature is better suited for the development branch. As much as Reach has some very technical users, I think the vast majority wouldn’t need the feature or understand it.

Another option would be for ReachView to have the equivalent of a .local configuration file(s) where one could make uncommon modifications for cases like this. Modifications that would be persistent through reboot and software upgrade. Even better to have a flag or warning appear on the position output page like:

“Using local NMEA config string: GNS, GGA, GSA, GST, GSV”

Although this idea can work, I don’t think it’s really a right thing to do. For now, we have some stuff you can tinker with manually, but the app will continue to grow, more things should become restricted. Accessing receivers via ssh to configure is not pretty :slight_smile:

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