Multiple remotes sending GPS data but with device ID Code

Firstly I am new to the Emlid Reach hardware so please forgive my basic knowledge.

We are looking to have a base station with multiple remotes which are RTK corrected and linked via the 433 radio links. The basic way to explain the concept is that we have so a team of players that are running around a field and we need to track the individual players accurately. So each player has a reach device and radio link to track their movements.

The issue is that whilst we seem to be able to specify that the reach remote transmits basic GPS LLH positioning, we also need get some kind of serial/ device number so that we know which unit is assigned to each player.

If anyone can assist and advise if this is possible, and assuming so, how this would be achieved I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks in advance,


Hi! You may be interested in this similar discussion: RTK precision for multiple rovers using just one base - #7 by roofstrider

So, you are using the radios for both correction input and position output with LLH? But your radios do have some kind of internal id, correct? Why not just distinguish the streams?

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