Multiple GCS -A


the documents mention, it is possible to ad more than one Telemtry options in "/etc/default/arducopter ".

I want to connect the Navio to my laptop AND my Smartphone simultaneously over Wifi.

So i added the following to the file:

TELEM1="-A udp:<ip-addr>:14550"
TELEM2="-A udp:<ip-addr2>:14550"

# Options to pass to ArduPilot

But a connection is only possible with device . I.e. The last $TELEM variable at ARDUPILOT_OPTS.

Is it possible to have 2 GCS at once?

Thanks for any help =)

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It doesn’t work. I’ve did several trys. But apm only connects to the last gcs ip Variable in ARDUPILOT_OPTS

Did I miss something?

The different options represent the different serial ports ardupilot would use on a MCU based flightcontroller. It is only possible to use every option one time.
You could use other options like -C for your second GCS or try something like mavproxy (relativly powerhungry, but easy to install), mavlink-router or cmavnode.

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Okay…Thank you very much. That makes things clearer.

Maybe a rerouting of udp packages from localhost to the desired ips would help.
I think i give it a try.