Multiple cameras IO options


I would like to know if my reasoning is sound according to the available GPIO on the Reach M2 modules.

I have 2 cameras. I would like to trigger them at the same time using either the trigger 1 output or another module in charge of the triggering.

Can I use Time Mark 1 and Time Mark 2 to connect to each camera and record both, as separate cameras, in the log? I would then like to do PPK on them separately to ensure maximum accuracy.


Hi Francis,

Well, Reach M2 indeed has 2 ports with Time mark pins. However, the time marks registered on both these pins are recorded to the same raw data log. That means we won’t be able to separate the time marks that came from different cameras. That’s why it’s not possible to use Reach M2 with multiple cameras.

If you want to use two cameras simultaneously, you’ll also need to use two Reach modules to record time marks for each of them.

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