Multipath mitigation on my GNSS measurements

Hello everyone and I’m new to this forum and it’s a real pleasure for me to be part of yours.
I really apologize for my level of English I am French speaking and my level in English is not very good.
I recently discovered your software
I am a student at the end of the engineering cycle
for my end of study project, I am working on the impact of multipath on GNSS measurements.
My methodology consists in selecting the least contaminated signals in order to use them to calculate the final solution. For that I want to use the subset method. I will explain if, for example, we have twelve satellites which have been observed for the calculation of the GNSS position, I want to create subsets of five satellites, for each subset we will have a residual and it is the subset having the more petit that will be used.
I recently discovered your fabulous software and under code this written in C ++ and I would like to change some of the source code to implement my method. for that I have some questions to ask you.

  • Does RTKLIB use a methodology for multipath mitigation? if so how does it proceed?
  • Is it possible to create combinations of sattelites and choose the one with the smallest residue? If so, I would like to know how to proceed?

I have good experience using precise clocks and orbits for minimizing multipath… dont own a multi-frequency system, so cant compare directly.

Thank you for your methodology regarding the use of clocks and precise orbits.
My goal here is to propose a method based on a consistency check for the use of the least contaminated signals for the cacul of the final solution.
I do not understand your last sentence.
I forgot to mention that I do static with several base stations.

Christian, can you guide me, where do you download precise clocks and orbits? Do you have them for GPS and GLONASS?

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