Multidevices M2 in RTK

I want to use two M2s simultaneously as rovers.
I have connected them both to the Reachview3 app on an iPhone.
The app is configured with an NTRIP network.
But I don’t know if when I start recording on rover 1 and then on rover 2, if the data from both rovers at the same time have RTK accuracy.

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Hi Fabrice,

If your NTRIP subscription supports connecting several rovers, both receivers can calculate accurate solutions simultaneously. For receiving corrections from NTRIP, you have to set up the correction input on both rovers via ReachView 3. You can find out how to do that from this guide.

If you want to record position logs, you can just turn on Logging on one device and then on the other one. Reach M2 won’t lose Fix on disconnection from ReachView 3.

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I’ve tried to connect both M2 receivers. But It doesn’t run.
First I connected each one via Iphone Wifi and activated the BT connection.
It does still only one in connection. SINGLE appear in red on the top of the app. I can’t never connect both M2 receivers at the same time.

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When you say connect, do you mean from Reachview 3 ?

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Yes from ReachView 3 IOS

Correct, RV is made to only access 1 device at the time.
What is your usecase? Why do you need to access both?

The device can output NMEA data, log raw-data etc eventhough you are not connected to it from RV3.

I have to use both M2 with RTK correction.
My iPhone can display 2 channels for NTRIP.
Is the BT connection between IPhone and both M2 effective for this?

Regular Bluetooth works only with Android devices. However, I think you can create a mobile hotspot on your IOS and connect devices to that Wi-Fi. In that case, it will be easier to switch between Reach M2’s in ReachView 3. Would this workaround work for you?

Unfortunately I must use only one iPhone to broadcast the NTRIP data to both M2
And ReachView3 can only connect one M2 buy WiFi.
Does you mean that the M2 can use the NTRIP data without a connection with the IPhone?

As far as I know, both rovers should be able to connect to a NTRIP server and receive corrections if they are connected to the internet through your mobile hotspot. You only need Reachview to change settings.

But you haven’t described the cas d’espèce so we’re lacking a lot of information here.

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You can use one iPhone with 2 Reach M2 devices. For this, you need to make a mobile hotspot on your iOS. And you must keep the Personal hotspot page opened in the iPhone settings while Reach is connecting to it. It’s important, as iOS devices turn the hotspot off as soon as it’s not used.

To receive NTRIP corrections, units indeed must always be connected to the Internet. So, it is necessary for them to be connected to the iPhone. But the Internet is still transmitted to the units even if your phone is not connected to the devices in ReachView 3.

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Thanks all, it’s run well now.

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