Ms5611: failed

I’m using Navio+ on rasbperry pi 3. I’m getting ms5611: failed no connection.
I have foarm covering the barometer. I have tightened the board down.

Hi Kevin,

Can you please loosen the strap up a bit? Maybe, the connection is too tight for the device. If this doesn’t help, please remove the strap and check whether it changes the situation.

Thanks for replying. I have loosend and tightend everything mutiple times. Nothing works. Is it possible that the board has been broken somehow?

Hi Kevin,

It may be possible something is wrong with the barometer indeed. But let’s check a couple of things first. What material are you using to cover the barometer? If I’m not confusing anything, it looks like plastic wrap. It’s better to change it to open-cell foam.

Can you please try running the following barometer scripts and post the output here?

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