MPU9250 can't get heading

Hy All

	I’m running the Embedded MotionDriver 6.12 software on MSP430F6638 

processor and communicating with a MPU-9250 via I2C. I’m using the DMP
to perform 6-axis fusion and the MPL to add in the compass data for
9-axis fusion. I have several questions about the MPL library.

  1. How can I determine the status of the compass calibration?
    Presumably I need to perform some figure-eight patterns but I don’t know
    how to perform it

  2. Is there any documentation on the MPL functions? There was none
    included in the MotionDriver 6.12 zip file and the header files don’t
    have any comments.


hi @samir

I have not worked with that MPL library,use the link to comment before, you can get the north of the land, Matrix program code, use this library , this is the result:

'imu.getMotion9(&ax2, &ay2, &az2, &gx2, &gy2, &gz2, &mx2, &my2, &mz2);

calibrated = m*(no_calibrated-b);

ahrs.update(ax2, ay2, az2, gx2*0.0175, gy2*0.0175, gz2*0.0175, my2, mx2, -mz2, dt);
ahrs.getEuler(&roll, &pitch, &yaw);
yaw = DEGREES_TO_RADIANS * yaw;`

publishes the library you use and you better be able to help


Hello there! I don’t quite comprehend what does any of this have to do with Navio? :confused: