Moving-baseline solution issue

Hi all,

I have my reach configured and working, just too little time to play with them! I succesfully configured them as moving-baseline and I already saw the so-desired ‘FIX’ status, albeit not clean and stable but often bouncing from FIX to FLOAT and back again to FIX. This is due to barely enough quality of satellites in my area, 5 not always steady ‘green bars’ and a couple of ‘yellow bars’.
I also had success in downloading and converting the logs for post-processing; the issue is that when postprocessing, I have valid solutions analizing rover’s log in ‘single’ mode, but the solutions file is empty - apart headers - when looking for moving-baseline solutions.

  • Set up is two reach only, one master acting as a base and one rover in moving-baseline.
  • no position (LLH) on the base module
  • logs have been processed as following:
  • convbin -r ubx rov_*
  • convbin -rtcm3 ref_*
  • rnx2rtkp.exe -c rov_file.obs ref_file.obs rov_file.nav ref_file.nav -o file_to_plot

Any clue about the issue? I noticed there is a 0.001 time difference between observation logs, but I suppose RTKLibshould consider that not all GPS are time-synced, right?

From another thread…

> We will post a detailed changelog once it is done, in short what is coming:

> Reworked the base back-end significantly.
> Base now shows sats levels
> Base can calculate its single position and then broadcast it in RTCM, so you do not have to enter the base coordinates unless you want to.

So, I suppose that missing solution in the RTCM broadcast are the source of no moving-baseline solution. Is this assumption correct? I’ll do my homework - which I am already doing - of RTFM and anxiously wait for next Reach software release…

+1 For next release :slight_smile:

No, my previous assumption was not correct - probably the FIX solution were not enough for computing a valid solution. Today I got 10 minutes worth of data, with barely 5 green bars and finally I see some good figures after post-processing! I still need to understand a lot of things, but seeing in 10 seconds the position varying maximum 1 cm E-W / N-S and 2 cms U-D is definitively a good reward!