Moving Base with Reach RS+

Hi, I am considering using a Reach RS+ as a base mounted to a moving ground vehicle, and a Reach M+ as a rover in a UAV. I am only interested in an accurate relative position between the base and the UAV for a moving landing pad application.

  • Is this possible using the equipment I am considering? I am open to suggestion about different hardware or configuration.
  • Would you advise any particular modes or settings to try?
  • Ideally for my application, there is no connection to an NTRIP provider, but would it help in this case?

Here is a bit of reading:

Thanks for your response, though the article linked is a little bit esoteric.

I saw a few forum posts about moving base RTK not being supported yet in Reach RS+ and I was hoping someone could confirm that this is still the case?

Hi Christopher,

In the meantime, Reach RS+ receivers don’t support the moving base feature. Reach RS+ base should be stationary to achieve good positioning results.

Could you please elaborate on your project goals so maybe I can advise a workaround? Do I get it right that you need to get the distance between 2 moving objects?

Yes, my goal is to place both the RTK base on a moving ground vehicle, and the RTK rover on a moving aircraft, and obtain the relative position between these devices.

Hi Christopher,

As an alternative, I can recommend connecting 2 rovers to one stationary base placing on the shore to track the position of both of them. However, in that case, you need to conduct additional calculations on an external device to get the distance between these 2 rovers knowing their positions in real-time.

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