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Hello! I have two emlid reach modules. And I want to connect them between mobile hotspot. Does it give enough area of coverage to connect two reaches over 50-100 metres? If enyone use this kind of connection please let me know answer on this question. I have got android phone.
Thank you for your attention

I wouldn’t count on it. The small dongle hotspots are not made for those sort of range, and neither are the Reach modules.
A good WiFi-router with clear line sight might be the answer, but maybe it would need directional antennas.
Can you clarify your usecase?


I have two reach modules. I work in fields where there isn’t any WiFi connection except my mobile hotspot to make them connect. So I want to know if my Huawei mate 20 lite portable hotspot can help me to get these two reaches connected to survey and stake out points that are 50-100 metres away from base?

And if it doesn’t, can I move base in order to get connection between base and rover. Will I get cantimetre level accuracy in this case too?

Hi, Giorgi!

I have tried to connect my Reach rover to my Reach base hotspot and I could get connection ~100 metres away. As Christian said, I wouldn’t rely on this connection, since it is pushing the WiFi signal to a limit. If I remember correctly, you had two Reach RTK modules. If you have any external radio, that is compatible with the Reach (, I would option to use it instead of WiFi. Or, you can always go PPK way and do post-processing afterwards. In PPK way you are not strictly limited with the distance between you and the base (unless you will go many km away from the base).

If we are speaking about centimetre accuracy, I assume you are placing your base on the known point? Is it a geodetic mark? Or you are getting precise coordinates before with the base being connected to NTRIP caster?

If it is because of having the base send corrections to the rover, I would suggest a radio-link like the LoRa radios that can be bought from Emlid.

You can do that, basically making a traverse. However, I wouldn’t recommend this approach, as you build-up a larger and larger standard deviation, and/or you need to close the traverse again, making the job even longer.

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I tried radios but they have some problems so that’s why I want to try WiFi. Why can’t I rely on the connection with base hotspot? If I connect them Within 70-80 metres will I get cm level accuracy or not? In what view can’t I rely on it? Is it inaccurate?

Coordinate accuracy does not depend on connection type between base and rover (wifi or radio). I wanted to say, that the connection itself is not reliable. You can loose packages, time to FIX can be longer, connection interruptions etc.

Your absolute point accuracy depends on many other factors - satellite count, DOP, accuracy of base point coordinates etc.

In short - you can get cm level accuracy if you will use WiFi. I don’t see any problems why not. But it can be a problem to get reliable signal between base and rover.

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All I want is to get cm level accuracy. Could you send me video guide or list of what to do to get connection between base and rover with the base WiFi hotspot.

I really think you should try and solve this problem, instead of getting into more problems using wifi.


Yes you were true. I tried to connect them with base module’s wifi. The status was always float and wasn’t as accurate as it should be. So I have another question. Is mobile hotspot suitable for connecting reaches to get fixed solution, excellent connection to work well? How much can the reaches be connected using tmobike portable hotspot?

If you are going to use a hotspot, you will need to two of them, one for each reach (to be able to get any meaningful distance apart from one another). You will then have to broadcast via NTRIP using a caster service (Emlid now provides one for free). Also, if you are using hotspots, you are dependent on the quality of cell signal available.

If you are not working over great distances (d<10km), then I would recommend that you use the Lora Radios.


Is Ntrip easy to use and also, will I get cantimetre accuracy? All I want are these

NTRIP is not hard to setup, it is only a matter of filling a few fields. First you set the service up (a few fields to set there), then set the connection paramaters in the receivers (another few fields to set there).

Once the connection parameters are set you don’t need to touch them again and it will work automatically everytime the receivers are booted (provided you are connected to the internet).

But as everyone else said, radios are the simplest solution that don’t require one phone for each receiver and cellular data availability.


Also, is it available in Europe? I live in georgia

I think it is simple. I just need two phones and Internet connection for both units. I had some problems with these radios so I don’t want to see them again😀 probably NTRIP is the best solution. It just need two phones to share hotspot. I will get cantimetre accuracy and good connection on my emlid reach module. Did I understand everything correctly?

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As long as you have a good internet connection and a properly setup NTRIP server/client, relative accuracy will be centimetric, yes.

It won’t cost you anything to try it:

I appreciate your help. Thank you very much. It was dilemma I was thinking about as I didn’t have much knowledge about this topic. Thank you everyone who have velped me solve this problem


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