Mount Point Issue

Using RS+ base and rover, Reachview 3 and trying to connect to caster.

I have everything connected and talking, getting correction stream, etc. but my baseline is showing 9600+ km and obviously can’t get a good fix.

When I signed up for the caster it gave me MP3121. When I entered that info in it kept wanting to switch to MP3020 but I finally got it to accept MP3121. I’m guessing my baseline problem is the mount point or no?

If I switch the setup to a different mount point, how will I get the correct password and how do I figure out which is the best mount point to use…first one in the list? Stuck and not sure what to do. Located in east Texas USA.

Thanks for any help.


Hi Jake,

Welcome to the community forum!

Please note that Emlid Caster serves as the tool to transmit the corrections between your base and your rover. It doesn’t provide the correction from the third-party base station.

This means that to see the corrections coming, you need to set up the base to share them with the rover. The main points on how to configure it you can find on our caster’s page.

I’d also suggest checking out the following guides:

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