Motorsport GPS Antenna AIM08

Hello people with more tech info then me.

So I have a rally car that has a motorsport display and it uses a GPS module for position on the track or location. Now looking at the connector I can see 4 pin holes as shown in the picture with screw type connector. On looking at the fact sheet most of the cables are over 1.5 meters so am I thinking correctly that 2 of wire must be power and the balnce 2 are signal in and out?

The picture of the tiem is here.

They will not tell me what the cables do? The motorsport display is gps ready and have been told its plug and play and the antenna can use the GPS version and Russian version saterlites. Not a big issue for me I only need traverling speed aprox it does not need to be so precise.

I can not even get a internal wire diagram of the unit.

Can I purchase a good quality GPS and do a temp connection to see what is what?



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