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I have followed the steps for calibrating the quadcopter after connecting it to the mission planner and have encountered 2 problems:

  1. Mission Planner won’t let me change the flight mode options. When I click the “Complete” green button, it shows “Error Adjusting parameters”:

  2. I have succesfully completed the radio calibration. Also, when I do the ESC calibration process, my motors rotate just fine. But when I have the drone conected to the mission planner, moving my RC sticks does nothing, and my motors remain still. Would anyone know why? I’m using a turnigy 9x + pwm to ppm encoder.

Thank you.


you can not leave some of the flight modes empty. That is why you get the error.
You have to ARM your copter before the motors will do anything.
You can do this with the rudder stick full down and right or with MissionPlanner. Just click arm/disarm in the “actions” tab in the main flight screen below the HUD.

Thank you for your fast reply! I’ve run into a couple of additional problems:

  1. There’s no arm/disarm button in the actions tab. It only displays: Auto, Loiter, and RTL. None of them seem to be able to arm my motors.

  2. I’m getting the warning “GPS: No fix”. Also, the map displays me as if I was in the middle of the ocean. This was not happening yesterday.

Here’s an image:

Would you know why?

Thank you!

update: gps has fixed itself. Apparently it was just a result of poor signal.

I still have not been able to arm my copter though.

There’s usually a some kind of warning that explains why you cannot arm. Mostly it’s a sensor/radio calibration issue. Did you calibrate all of those?

Yes, I did. I will be redoing the calibrations tonight in order to double check.
I do have the warning “Disarmed Failsafe” on my main hud.

I have re-done all calibrations and was able to arm my drone. I checked each of my motors beforehand to see if they all rotate the right direction and respond correctly to the RC commands, which they all do.

Unfortunately, when trying to takeoff, my drone tends to roll left. Today I have not been able to takeoff and I broke 2 of my props when they rolled left and hit the floor.

I know there are variables to this issue: my weight could be unbalanced, I may not be the best pilot, there could be calibration issues with the PID controllers… I am attaching a picture of my drone, if it may help:

Would anyone have a hint on what to try next so I can takeoff smothly?

Thank you.

anyone? =(


It looks like the FC is able to move, it is not aligned properly with the frame. Zip ties alone won’t do the job.
Is AHRS orientation set correctly?
Observe the Artifical Horizon in MissionPlanner. Pitch your quad nose down, you should see more green. Nose up, more blue.
Roll the quad to the left, more green on the left side. Roll right, more green on the right side.


AHRS is correct. The FC is not able to move.

I did the calibrations and made sure everything spins the correct direction once again. Now, my copter pitches forward when trying to takeoff.

I armed the copter while holding it and noticed the roll and yaw controller respond correctly as I roll or yaw. The pitch controller, however, has inverse response. That means when I pitch my copter forward, it tends to go even more forward. When I pitch it backward, it tends to go even more backwards.

I am now switching the motors positioning accordingly. Once I’m done, I will re-test it to see if I’ll have to change their spinning direction. I’ll let you know of the results =)

do the motor test in mission planner; prop #1 is right front; it continues clockwise and ends at front left at prop#4 (if i remember correctly)!
USB ports point to the front!

Hello, there!

What direction should the motors spin? I have the following configuration running up:
Motor A: front right, CW
Motor B: back right, CCW
Motor C: back left, CW
Motor D: front left, CCW

As a result, my last flight test was like this:

I’m gessing it yaws like this because I have my motors spinning the wrong direction. Is that correct? Or is it more of a calibration issue?

Thank you!

Have a look here:

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