Motor turns on and won't stop. ever

I’m sorry for posting so much about help. Hardware apparently isn’t really my strength, but I think I’ll be done after this. So I have this problem where once I start APM, a single motor turns on and will not stop. This is before I arm the motors or even connect to a ground station, which in my understanding means it shouldn’t be able to turn on. But it does and just keeps spinning and the only way to make it stop is to actually shut off the Pi; even killing APM doesn’t stop it. I can connect to a ground station (MAVProxy) and control the other motors individually to do what I want and all that but the one motor that is being erratic just refuses to behave. If I send it a command with motortest to the erratic motor it will just add that command to the basic background spin its always doing and then return to its spinning. I am very confused as to what is going on. I just replaced the ESC and now I have this problem. It will sometimes behave even more strangely than just spinning constantly to the point where it actually suddenly sped up once and flipped the quadcopter over as it rested on the ground and broke the prop. Thoughts? Here’s a video documenting the problem (if my HTML works right)

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

did you calibrate your esc’s?

I think that’s the problem. I assumed they were autocalibrated since all the rest of the escs I have used have behaved but I guess that does not have to be right. I don’t have a radio. How do I calibrate without a radio? I’ve looked and can’t figure it out

don’t think you can. You will need a transmitter to pid tune as well…

go through this, is will get you in the air and flying well:

the navio operates just like a pixhawk, all the same rules apply…

So I should just attach a radio for tuning and then remove it again? I don’t intend to fly with a radio…

you could do that but, I highly suggest against it. something will go wrong one day with your auto commands or the joystick or whatever and if you don’t have a transmitter your hard work and effort will be gone. Its more important than you think :wink:

haha ok thanks. I’m trying to build a set of autonomous drones to test some software I’ve developed and feel like having remote controls would therefore be sacriligious somehow but you’re right I should include them. At some point. For now I’m just hoping to be able to fly in a gym without crashing on the floor. Currently seeing if I can borrow a radio and receiver from a friend as I seem to have lost mine from a different project a few years ago, and then I’ll calibrate. Thanks for your help

no worries have fun