Motor speed drop on throttle decrease very slow

Using Navio 2 with RPi 3 running latest (V3) beta image with Ardupilot 3.3.3 with Mission Planner 1.3.44 and default settings to start with. Hobby Wing ESC and Cobra Motors in “x” configuration.
Have calibrated fully including ESC’s. Flight mode is stabilize. When the throttle is quickly raised and lowered, the motors take a long time to spin down and don’t seem near as responsive as other controllers I have used in the past. Is this normal on all Navio 2 configurations or is the fact I am using default settings likely causing the problem? Watching the response of bar graphs on the radio calibration screen, they seem to respond to throttle changes very quickly so it looks like the problem is not related to the radio link. Any help or suggestions you can provide?

Correction Ardupilot 3.4.3

Also only 4 escs Servo outputs 1-8 - 5-8 unused

Hello there!

Could you please send us the logs? Have you performed PID tuning in order to take into account this specific setup?

Is this happening in flight? Or the problem is so evident on the ground that you wouldn’t risk taking it off?

I’ll grab the logs and follow up. Did not want to risk taking of with this lag in motor speed.

Also, no pid tuning yet.

Just to follow up the sluggishness did not create any issues in the flight tests. The drone is flying fine now. Thanks for your follow up!