Motor connections

Hi all, i’ve recently build a mini copter (280mm),

and i tried to do my maiden flight, unfortunately it just flipped over.
Can someone describe which motor i should connect to which pin

I’ve did the following but i’m not sure it is correct

FR -> 1 (rotates ccw, cw propeller)
BR -> 2 (rotates cw, ccw propeller)
BL -> 3 (rotates ccw, cw propeller)
FL -> 4 (rotates cw, ccw propeller)

many thanks in advance

This should answer it:

thx, this time the copter started to rotate like he is on a carousel :slight_smile: after i increasing throttle to approximately 50%
any suggestions ?

is it possible this happens do to magnetic interference ? I’ve put my FPV transmitter on top of the navio+ case and if so, is it possible to fix it with the compass calibration for magnetic interference ?

If it would help, i can provide a log file and or a photo of my setup

The compass is not used in stabilzed mode.
Check the prop rotation direction. If you mismatched cw/ccw it would not be able to control yaw.

ok, i guess i’ve earned a new batch for stupidness ^^ it really looks like i’ve missed again something with cw/ccw, i’ve removed all motors, rotated them clockwise to the next position, checked rotation direction and switched direction if necessary within BelHeli Suite, so now all motors should rotate definitely in the right direction (probably i should use another term, since i was previously also absolutely sure :slight_smile: ) .

I will give it another try tomorrow.

Should i do another ESC calibration after switching Motors ?

Many thanks for help